Special thanks

     Science is an essentially a collaborative endeavour, and currently relevant studies cannot be performed without collaboration. We are proud of our invaluable partners, and very grateful for their support:

  • CESARMAN Lab | Weill Medical School, Cornell University - New York, NY, USA

    We are also indebted with some scientists and research groups outside Brazil that at some point provided us reagents, information, and/or training that was critical for our work:

  1. José ALCAMÍ & Mayte COIRAS (Instituto de Salud Carlos III - Madrid, Spain)
  2. AIDS REAGENTS Program (National Institutes of Health - Germantown, USA) 
  3. Ben BERKHOUT (University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  4. Ethel CESARMAN (Cornell University - New York, NY, USA)
  5. Yuan CHANG & Patrick MOORE (University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, USA)
  6. Henri-Jacques DELECLUSE (German Cancer Res Center, Heidelberg, Germany)
  7. Dirk DITTMER (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, USA)
  8. Shou-Jiang GAO (University of Southern California - Los Angeles, USA)
  9. Gary HAYWARD (Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, USA)
  10. Jae JUNG (University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA)
  11. Dolores LÓPEZ-TERRADA (Baylor College of Medicine - Houston, USA)
  12. Hans Helmut NILLER (University Hospital Regensburg, Germany)
  13. Joseph PAGANO (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)
  14. Nancy RAAB-TRAUB (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)
  15. Poul SORENSEN (British Columbia Cancer Agency - Vancouver, Canada)
  16. George Sai-Wah TSAO (The University of Hong Kong - Hong Kong)
  17. Robert WEINBERG (Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, USA)
  18. Denise WHITBY (National Cancer Institute - Frederick, USA)

Thank you very much!