Viral Carcinogenesis & Cancer Biology Research Group



The Viral Carcinogenesis and Cancer Biology Research Group (a.k.a. ViriCan) aims to produce and disseminate knowledge on the role of selected human viruses in the development of human cancers and  to contribute for better understanding of the biology of malignant tumors. This select literature may be useful to become familiar with our research interests.


We are part of the Botucatu School of Medicine at Sao Paulo State University (UNESP), and our laboratory is located at the UNESP's Institute of Biotechnology (IBTEC), in Botucatu, SP, Brazil. 

Our work is possible thanks to the following supporters below, and we are also grateful to our unvaluable  collaborators worldwide. Thank you!


Botucatu School of Medicine IBTEC, UNESP Universidade Estadual Paulista "J=C3=BAlio de Mesquita Filho&q=
uot; Coordenadoria de Aperfei=C3=A7oamento de Pessoal de N=C3=ADvel Supe=
rior (CAPESP) Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cient=C3=ADfico e Tecnol=C3=B3=
gico Funda=C3=A7=C3=A3o de Amparo =C3=A0 Pesquisa do Estado de S=C3=A3o =
Paulo (FAPESP)


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